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Connected Business Ecommerce is a comprehensive, function filled ecommerce package which takes knowledge and experience to setup so you can get the best out of your investment. Sometimes a lot of time is wasted as web-designers figure out how Connected Business Ecommerce works and the configuration options along with its relevance to the ERP functionality. This wasted time is very expensive in downtime and money.

By using us we can provide a quick turnaround with advice gained from other implementations to aid in a seam-less transition. We know the capabilities of Connected Business Ecommerce and we have access to many plugins that have been developed to speed improvements.

We have access to expert staff in ecommerce, web development, installation, server software, programming, marketing and ERP. This means all issues can be handled in-house without involving other outside vendors.

We can provide a number of time saving plugins that we have used to aid in other implementations that resulted in a large reduction of time.