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Accelerate Connected Business - ProgrammingPlugin Development

We have been involved in Plugin Development over many years. While Connected Business is adaptable, it can take several months for good developers, unfamiliar with Connected Business to get to grips with all the rules of Connected Business and the different ways results can be achieved.

We have the programming capabilities with extensive Connected Business experience as well as Visual Basic and SQL experience over many years with a track record of achievement specifically with plugins in Connected Business. We can immediately get down to the business of software development without a long and expensive learning time.

We are happy to discuss any specific requirements that you have and advise and assist on how best to achieve your requirements. We can look at the job on a per hour or a final figure basis.
For a track record we have developed several major plugins which include: Office 365 Integration, Monthly Accounts Analysis, Retrospective Analysis, Product Check, Telephone Integration, Manufacturing Resource Planning, IntelliSEO, SMS Integration, EDI Packages, Batch Receipts as well as numerous other smaller amendments.

If you want to discuss your requirements feel free to contact us but to save time we would appreciate that you would draw up a brief outline of what you require and how you envisage it looking and then send it on to us with a deadline date and then we will arrange a time.

Here are some of the plugins that are currently available.