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Accelerate Connected Business - Office 365

Office 365 Integration for Connected Business

Office 365 or hosted Exchange is used to manage the emails of many businesses.
With our Office 365 plugin we can send out our Connected Business emails through Office 365 and bring in selected emails into Connected Business using a shared folder for CRM purposes.
This improves relevant customer email visibility across the whole organisation.

Summary points are:

  • All current email functions still available
  • Minimal setup time
  • All emails sent and received are sent or received in Office 365 and are visible in Office 365
  • Facility to easily see emails which have not a matching email address in Connected Business
  • Connected Business emails can be viewed from Customer / Supplier / Contacts screens as normal, but the data is held in a separate SQL database reducing any impact on the speed of the ERP software
  • Can combine emails relating to that Customer / Supplier / Contact from multiple company emails so we are getting a thorough view of email correspondence
  • Rules can be set up in Outlook to better control data to Connected Business email screen
  • Programmable Polling Schedule and ability to set Threads and Emails per Thread

We still have to finish the Office calendar integration to the Connected Business Calendar, but we expect that to be completed fairly soon.


Office 365 Integration from Connected Business UK on Vimeo.