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Accelerate Connected Business - intelliSEOIntelliSEO

Search Engine Optimise (SEO) your website in minutes so you can increase the traffic to your website and increase your sales. Every page within your website has the ability to contain parts of the SEO algorithm and this will offset more expensive ways like Pay Per Click or other online advertising.
Summary points are:

    • Fully Integrated with Connected Business ERP and Ecommerce
    • Automatically SEO products, Categories, Departments & Manufacturing
    • Prefix & Suffix all pages with preferred information
    • Apply SEO to all products or just to new products
    • Compose Page Title, Meta Keywords, Description, Image Alt Text & No Scripts

It can be run at any time should a product description change or a new product is added.

Search Engine Optimise (SEO) your Website and make sure potential customers come to your eCommerce Site for your products.
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